What is a Central Vacuum System?

A Homevac Central vacuum system has a vacuum unit that can be conveniently placed in a concealed location like the garage or power room. It has a cleaning port in every room of the home which is connected through a series of concealed vacuum pipes.

A Central Vacuum System is a modern integrated solution consisting of 3 main elements.

  1. A  Vacuum Suction Device installed permanently into a building’s garage, power room, storage room or any other rooms away from the living area which provides the suction power required to vacuum dust, dirt and any other waste.
  2. A series of Vacuum Pipes concealed in the walls which are designed to move the dirt to the collection tank of the vacuum suction device typically installed in a utility area.
  3. Vacuum Inlet Ports, Vacuum Pan Ports and Vacuum Retractable Hoses which are installed in walls throughout the building and are the primary dirt pick up/collection devices.
Homevac Central Vacuum Sytem Concept

Full Product Demo

Smart Central vacuum for the home

No More Carrying Portable Vacuums. Homevac Central Vacuums can make cleaning easier and more convenient than ever. At Homevac Recently launched Budget Friendly Eco Series.

Our Innovative Central Vacuum Line up are are smart and highly efficient in Cleaning. Make Your Surrounding Cleaner & Healthier by bringing CVAC Series to your home.

Innovative Home Cleaning Technology

The centralized vacuum system is a set of elements designed to keep our home or workplace free of dust & dirt. Discover the next step in cleaning and maintaining our environment. Very easy and comfortable to use, but above all effective.

Vacuum Retractable Hose

The Vacuum Retractable Hose system is a long retractable hose concealed inside the vacuum pipes which can be pulled out when you are cleaning and disappears back into your wall when you are done.

Inlet Port

Vacuum Inlet Ports are placed on walls across your home. All you need to do is plug the hose into the port. The Vacuuming starts automatically when the hose is plugged in and switches of when the hose is un-plugged.

Vacuum Pan

Floor Vacuum Ports are installed at floor level at certain locations in your home. You can switch on this Port with a gentle tap of your feet. It is typically used in the Kitchen and any other location where waste can be swept directly into the floor port.

Why do you need a Central Vacuum Cleaner?

Keeping your home clean is an everyday task. As availability of domestic help to clean your homes get more difficult and expensive, it is time to implement a cleaning system which requires less man power and cleans better. Central Vacuum Systems from Homevac make your home a truly dust free environment. It is less time consuming when compared to using domestic vacuum cleaners or using domestic help and delivers a deeper, more efficient cleaning.

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