About Us

We Homevac technologies is committed to manufacture and supply world class central vacuum systems, that will help you to vacuum all the dust particles inside your home and make all of our living in a clean, safe and healthier environment

Clean Home With Ease!

About 35% of the dust inside our homes are created within our house. The dust may come from fibers from carpets, house floor materials, wooden dust, pets, dander, dust mites, food debris, bed and clothes, sofas, cooking etc. Rest of the dust’s come from outside tracked in on shoes, feet, cloths, grocery items, through open windows, doors and vents. All of these dusts are very much risky and allergic. Dust particle which are very small / invisible is enough to get deep into the lungs and cause serious health problems like Asthma.

Common cleaning technics like sweeping / brooming will only display’s the dust particle from one place to another, from floor’s to sofas, floor mats to curtains, showcases to rack’s etc. The solution for this is to vacuum the dust particle and stored it in a bin. Again traditional vacuum cleaners has their own disadvantages, setting up time is high, want to carry all the way, plugging and unplugging is a problem, Safety issue because of the live wires, Wires will get tangled, dust can get expelled etc. So the best solution to clean and make the living space healthier is Central vacuum system.