Portable Vacuum Cleaners

Wet and Dry Vacuum CleanerGLAN 20 Series


Ideal for domestic, professional and industrial use, Heavy Duty  and Easily movable This one works with single phase and it has collection capacity of 20 litres.

Wet & Dry Applications
20 litres Collection Capacity

Innovative Home Cleaning Technology

The centralized vacuum system is a set of elements designed to keep our home or workplace free of dust & dirt. Discover the next step in cleaning and maintaining our environment. Very easy and comfortable to use, but above all effective.

Vacuum Retractable Hose

The Vacuum Retractable Hose system is a long retractable hose concealed inside the vacuum pipes which can be pulled out when you are cleaning and disappears back into your wall when you are done.

Inlet Port

Vacuum Inlet Ports are placed on walls across your home. All you need to do is plug the hose into the port. The Vacuuming starts automatically when the hose is plugged in and switches of when the hose is un-plugged.

Vacuum Pan

Floor Vacuum Ports are installed at floor level at certain locations in your home. You can switch on this Port with a gentle tap of your feet. It is typically used in the Kitchen and any other location where waste can be swept directly into the floor port.